I'm using the Admin API in VB.Net and I create a user by getting a post office and doing PO.Users.Add(userName, lastName, userName+"."+usersContainerDN). I can see the GroupWise user in ConsoleOne and everything looks fine, but when I try to login as the user with the GroupWise client, it says "User ID 'testUserName' not found."

If I use ConsoleOne to edit the user, such as changing the user's Last name, and hit apply, I can then log in as the user in the GroupWise client.

I'm thinking I'm not calling Commit() in the right order or missing a call. I am calling User.Commit() on the user returned by PO.Users.Add, PO.Commit(), Domain.Commit() and AdminSys.Commit() (AdminSys is returned from CreateObject("NovellGroupWareAdmin"))