I upgraded from zcm 10.3.4 about 2 weeks ago. I have the server at 11.2 and have deployed to about 30 workstations as a level II test. I'm having some issues. I have tried using the zcm removal tool with a the generated removal key on two machines so far. On both machines (windows 7), the install fails. it removes the ZESM stuff ok, but fails on the agent uninstall. trying to remove the client components from add/remove programs fails as well. On one workstation, support had me try to manually uninstall the MSI files (which is a monumental nightmare). It blew up the workstation image so badly that I had to re-image it. I recently started having the same problem on a second workstation, and so far support has NOT responded to my new SR, so I'm posting here in hopes of getting some help. Are there security settings in windows 7 that have to be turned off before I can remove the client? At this point, I'm mystified and frustrated. Wish I'd stayed on 10.3.4.