When we try to deploy a patch, we get an error like this (translated
from german):

The action Mozilla Firefox ESR (German) 10.0.7 for Windows (U-1495467566
(ID:Mozilla Firefox ESR (German) 10.0.7 for Windows (U-1495467566)
failed due to the reason :
Error starting "C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks/zpm/Remediate.exe
"Mozilla Firefox ESR (German) 10.0.7 for Windows (Update) (See
Notes).pls" "0C4B159B-E008-4F6D-BD7B-7F8D4DEC3383.plp" d".
Windows error: The system cannot find the file specified...

On the PCs in %ZENWORKS_HOME%\zpm\ the file Remediate.exe doesn't exist!
(File analyze.exe is also missing...)
On the ZCM-Server in %ZENWORKS_HOME%\zpm\agents\windows\x86(or x64)\ the
files exist.

The Server is ZCM 11.2.1 and most of the workstations are 11.2.1, the
small rest 11.2.0,
Windows7 and WindowsXP.

We have manually copied the files from
%ZENWORKS_HOME%\zpm\agents\windows\x86(or x64)\
to %ZENWORKS_HOME%\zpm\ of a PC for testing - then analyzing and
patching works.

We think update to 11.2.0 deleted or didn't copy the files to the PCs,
because we know that with previous versions the analyzing worked.
But now with 11.2.1 we wanted to serious start introducing patching...

Any hints, solutions?