I am a sysadmin for an academic department at a large university. Until a couple of months ago, all of our workstations were PCs. We have a new hire, and she purchased a Mac as her faculty workstation.

I have a virtualized NetWare 6.5 SP8 file server. I know that Novell wants us to move to OES, but NetWare works wonderfully, and with it virtualized, I can run it forever (okay, almost forever). However, my faculty member's Mac cannot log into it. I know that at one time there was a Mac client for NetWare from Prosoft, but that seems to have been discontinued.

I decided to try to solve the problem with Novell Kanaka. I've setup a small, virtual SLES 10 SP4 (x86) server with OES 2 installed. It is integrated into my existing eDirectory tree. I installed Kanaka, and it seemed to go well. I was afraid that it wouldn't allow me to serve a NetWare volume through it, but I was able to select the two volumes that she needs access to, and they look to be shared via AFP. I can log into the web console on port 3089 from my workstation.

The client is installed on my user's Mac airbook, but she can't log in. When she does, she gets the error

Invalid client data sent to server.
The server (128.194.###.##:3089) returned that the client submitted invalid data.
Result = 45

Looking at the server statistics, it doesn't even seem to realize that there has been a connection attempt. The number of Unsuccessful Logins is '0'. Port 3089 is open on the SLES box (confirmed by the fact that I can log into the web console)

The most frustrating part is that I don't have a Mac to use to test anything. This airbook is literally the only Mac in our department, and my user takes it with her when she's not in the office. I tried to make a virtual Mac using her OSX disc. My PC can't read it. I made an .iso from a Linux box, but the virtual machine can't boot to it.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Will N.
Bryan, TX USA