Dear Forum people,

Again I come for help.
After working for months, the 450 host down error has returned.
I have down nothing to trigger it, and this is honest, i was not even in the office.

So I have done some digging and I am reading 2 things : DNS and route.cfg

First I will descripe my setup
Groupwise 8 on OES 11
The box is NATted, so internal adress
Router is
External dns :
External smtp :

Solution 1 DNS
I have placed the DNS server adresses of my ISP in both the router as the Groupwise box
This seems to work ok. I can telnet to on port 25

Solution 2 route.cfg
I have created the file and placed in it my external ip and ip of server []
( is the ip adress supposed to be in brackets ? )

Still I keep the 450 Host down error and mail will not send.
Any ideas ?