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Thread: Login time 3:40 seconds when network not in corp locations

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    Login time 3:40 seconds when network not in corp locations

    I know this is probably getting boring now, but I have a problem whereby my laptop users are taking 3:40 seconds to Process the login to the user source before realising they cannot contact the ZCM servers and going into the ~unknown~ location and therefore disconnect. the ZCM log shows the 20Second timeout for each of the 5 primaries I have then goes disconnected. the logs shows the [ConnectMan] Ping etc.

    I have modified the Device Management section / Zenworks agent to be 2/1/5 for the timeouts, but it is still timing out are 3:40 seconds.

    Wireless is disabled, and cabled into the home netgear router. no network at all, it logs straight in and shows ~unknown~

    running Corp SOE, windows 7 Sp1 x64, ZCM 11.2.1, Novell client 2.2 ir4a . We are using the MSGINA as the primary login as machine is member of the domain, which passes through the credentials to Edirectory.

    We have tried the Honorworkstation only reg key, but that stops the login to the agent when connected to the corp network so we switched that off. if we set the disable passive mode passthrough, the login test works fine and striaght in.

    We have all our locations set correctly with the correct servers etc. the UKNOWN Location which is last in the list has no servers in it and the Exclude check box is checked so that it is considered disconnected.

    Any ideas?

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