We have major problems getting the latest HP connection manager to work on
machines with the Zenworks agent (e.g. HP 6570b) installed. We do NOT use
the preinstalled HP standard installation.

If the zenworks agent is on the machine and we install the WWAN-drivers for
the hs2350+ module and the HP connection manager the wwan module is
stuck. HP connection manager just displays 'Device is initializing'.

The modem itself is working fine, we can use other tools to make a broadband

If we just uninstall the zenworks agent the HP connection manager
immediately starts working. If we reinstall Zenworks -> HPCM broken again.

Reminds on the Driveguard HP vs. Novell issue.



PS: We do have other (very similar) laptops which do work with this
hardware/software combination. The difference is that these machines were
initially installed >1 year ago and went through several update cycles. We
just cannot get new machines to install from scratch with the current