I've been trying to find a way to query or pull file and path info for volumes from the file reporter databases without needing to give access to the file reporter app. I have an outside group that I need to provide the file structure to, but don't need to give all of the info to, and need to provide it in the form of a text file. I could script this out, but if file reporter does this also, I don't see the point in duplicating the data out there.

In reviewing the content of the sqlite databases it doesn't appear that the actual file system info. I see a lot of references to what I think may be files in the directory structure that the databases are located in. looking over the logs and debug files in these directories they look like they may contain what I am looking for, but I'm not sure what can be used to open or extract the data from them. Does anyone know what I would use to open or extract the zcf files located in them?
so I've made a few attempts at trying to figure out the format these are in, but know they are not sqlite data... not zip or gzip... but definitely some sort of data file.