sorry i dont know where to post my problem because there is no ZCM11 forum for "general problems".

I would like to create a dynamic workstation group. So i go to Devices - Workstation and click "new" -> "dynamic workstation group...".
THen i fill in a name and a folder and click next.

Now we can add a context where the query group search to be performed.
I select Devices -> Workstation -> Germany -> PCs

Then i select a filter with "Operating System - Model" -> Equal to -> 6.1

Now i click on "Preview Members" and i get the message "Members in group: 0"
But thats not true - in the PCs folder are a lot of Windows 7 PCs.

So i change the context where the query group search to be performed to:
Devices -> Workstation -> Germany and now i see all my PCs if i click on "preview members". With the same filter.

I tested this with a lot of other context folders - i can only select "Devices" -> "Workstation" and then the next folder ist the last one i can select. If i go one level deeper zcm can not show me the members.
Thats a big problem for me because i need the path "Devices" -> "Workstation" -> "Germany" -> "PCs" because i need only this pcs in the dynamic group and i can not filter the PCs if i select the patch "devices" -> "Workstation" -> "Germany".

Can someone please help me with this. I think this is a bug.