I'm trying to use a Powershell script to send server logs through our Groupwise SMTP server to my personal email address. We use the SMTP server for outgoing mail through Thunderbird, and I've mirrored the Thunderbird settings in the Powershell script. It doesn't seem like it's even trying to authenticate, though. As soon as I run the script, the server responds with "Relaying denied." I'm definitely providing the right credentials. Even if I provide credentials I know are bad, it gives me no indication that it even attempted to authenticate and found them invalid. It just keeps hitting back with "Relaying denied."

If I change the script so it only sends to people on the domain, it works. It absolutely refuses to let my authenticate so I can relay, though.

My question is, has anyone made Powershell authenticate to a Groupwise SMTP server? Is there a known issue or am I just missing something simple?