We're running ZCM 11.1 and wanted to eval ZPM, I aquired a eval key as it seems we had left ZPM on eval when we installed our server, so we're in extended trial.

First issue is was at the entering of the license, we got a "The Serial Number entered is invalid. Please check and try again." error when we hit apply but the license appeared in the list. Verifying the license returns "License Expired". I triedselecting deactivate product returned ZPM to the deactivated state but going back in the license is still select and I can't change or remove the subscription serial number. When I activated it again I get the same error but I noticed the Patch Management options are now available.

Next I setup the Subscription Service Information and when the update is done the service history states
Patches - Complete - Successful = True
Licenses - Complete - Successful = False
Bundles - Complete - Successful = False - You must have valid patch subscription to use this feature.

In Patch Management no patches are listed unless I untick Not Patched, a large number of MS Critical patches have an error with the "You must have valid patch subscription to use this feature. " messages, others are listed as not cached but if I try and cache them I get the "You must have valid patch subscription to use this feature. " message.

If I check my test workstation no patches are listed in it's tab, even after running zac ps on the computer and waiting 30 minutes.

I'm not 100% what has gone or is wrong, hence why I've posted this as what I've done witht he hope someone can tell me what has gone wrong. I suspect this is all going back to something wrong with the license key and everythign else is a flow on from there.