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Thread: Clean re-install of iFolder Windows client

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    Clean re-install of iFolder Windows client

    Installation of iFolder client needs Administrator Rights; however our standard users don't have Administrator Rights. We are installing iFolder client with the option "use by different Windows user".
    Usually this works fine when we are logged in as Standard-Windows user and install the SW with "Run as Administrator" account. We then configure iFolder client (first time connection to iFolder server) being logged in with the Standard Windows user.

    However we have now a case where the first iFolder client configuration (with iFolder user credentials) was done while being logged in as Administrator user. This leads to the situation that iFolder client can not connect to iFodler server when the Standard Windows user is used. Logged in as the Administrator it works.

    To change that we tried reinstalling iFolder client cleaning all directories:
    a) Uninstall the client from Add/Remove programs
    b) Delete the C:\Documents and Settings\$userid$\Local Settings\Application Data\simias directory (for Administrator and standard user)
    c) Delete the C:\Documents and Settings\$userid$\Application Data\simias and iFolder directories (for Administrator and standard user)
    d) Cleaning registry entries
    e) Reboot the workstation and reinstall the iFolder client (the way it works for other users)

    Still I can only connect to the iServer when using the Windows Administrator Logon.

    Where does iFolder "remember" that the iFolder server account is connected to a specific windows user ?

    - iFolder 3.9.1 (client and server)
    - Windows Client: Windows XP Service Pack 3
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