The SLA mentioned in some other threads for an initial response time.... what should that measure exactly? I ask because I wonder if it means the first time anybody from Novell does anything on the SR, or if it's the first e-mail sent with valid technical information, or something else. I think I know the answer from working on the other side of things, but now opening SRs I wonder if maybe I was wrong all along and this SLA is just used to track how long it takes for somebody to tell me my SR is assigned somewhere else (vs. the first time that somebody came back with some technical suggestions, fixes, questions, etc.). To be completely clear, my previous understanding was that this SLA tracked how long until somebody did something useful for the customer and not just "Your SR has been assigned to somebody." which is a nice copied/pasted response on a few of my SRs which seems to duplicate, in function, the auto-generated default e-mail from Novell/SUSE/NetIQ at the time of the SR creation.