Getting Soap Attachment Stream Error: [8911], when attempting to access attachments via webaccess.

This problem predates the 2012 sp1 install, not sure if the error number is the same, but it's likely.

Everything is on the same box, as far as the GW agents go. WA DVA POA.
Apache also.

All same IP address. Linux. It's a VM.

From the docs -
8911 Cannot write on connection
Source: GroupWise engine; TCP/IP communication.
Explanation: Cannot write on connection; the receiver isnt
Possible Cause: A client or server machine has crashed, or the process
was forced to close without shutting down. The machine might have been
exited while connections were active.
Action: Restart the GroupWise client.
Possible Cause: If this error occurs from the POA, the server where the
POA runs might not have the most current version of TCP/IP.
Action: Install the latest TCP/IP. For technical services and file
updates, see Novell Support.

It's a "hard" problem, identical each time. I do not believe this is a
comms problem.

I could accept that it is a problem with a "dead" port, or an incorrect
port, or another configuration issue, but I have nothing to go on.

Any ideas on what to check?

joe a.