I'm moving a server from NW to Linux at the weekend

Currently we have 3 Libs with storage split over 2 volumes
Not large really 1 area is 25Gb and the other two new ones are on a
different volume and 2Gb and 7Gb

is it best to move this to Under the PO or keep seperate ?

I planning on having a seperate volume for all GW stuff

so will have gw:gwsys/gwpo

is that the best way to go ? the plus I suppose is that I don't have to
specify doc area

or should I have say gw:gwsys/gwdocs for all the libraries ?

If I do store ite seperate ie. gw:gwsys/gwdocs - would the linux path be
/media/nss/gw/gwsys/gwdoc/lib-name ??

Never moved storage locations before..

I assume I would need to copy (move) the current doc area to the new
location using consoleone or does the processes of changing the storage are
move the files.