Hi guys!

I want you to ask a few questions related to how to prepare the best migration
scenario for migrating our groupwise email system from GW 8.0.2 to GW 2012.
Now, we have two OES2 Servers:

1) postoffice and primary domain, where users connect via Groupwise client
2) GWIA and webaccess, in our DMZ.

In 1) the postoffice and domain dir are stored in our SAN. We have other things
in our environment (BES Servers, etc) but they are not relevant.

In other times, we have upgraded without problems from previous versions
to GW 8, but now we would like to prepare a test environment for test an upgrade, and
be safe that things are right. I would like to snapclone our SAN volume, and
prepare one machine with the same software (post office daemon, etc) and test an upgrade.

But, I dont know if eDirectory would be a problem. I mean: If I clone the
main server and its SAN volume with all post office data, and then upgrade
all GW System, would be eDirectory notified that GW system has been upgraded?
This is my main fear :-)

This could be a good plan? or do you recommend me other plan for test an upgrade?

Thank you guys!