I have implemented a C3PO with VB6. It worked fine from Groupwise 6 to 8. But with Groupwise 2012 I am not able to access to information provided by the ClientState object anymore.
Neither SelectedFolder nor SelectedMessages can be accessed without an error. Even CurrentAccount is not accessible.
The simplest test case is when I try to access the CurrentAccount during the Init method of the main class C3POServer. This fails with the error code 438 saying that the object does not support this property or method.
The old C3PO examples from Novell don't work too. I am using the latest Version 12.0.1 and I am running the Client in remote mode.
Customized buttons I have added to the toolbar are working but without the access to the ClientState it is useless.
Has the API changed? Or is this some sort of security issue?