After moving from GW 7 Netware to GW2012

I'm having some problems with documents

I can open documents fine - when I save I get a 8209 error

"Unable to return Document to library - 8209 File does not exist"

If I create a NEW document I can save it - but if I open it again and try
and save I get the 8209 error!

I can't understand it - if it was access rights issue I would not be able to
save (or open documents) it in the 1st place!

I set the linux path to the library


(NB: for Windows path I put \\oes11\media\nss\SYS1\gwdata\library but when
saved this was converted to /media/nss/SYS1/gwdata/library)

GW is running on Linux OES 11

Any pointers / insight appreciated