Finally upgrading GW

I followed the basic procedures as per the book based on my setup

everything works - EXCEPT the DMS

I'm using Consoleone on Linux - typing in a unc path seems to convert it linux notation so since my Dos are on the same volume as PO I used the lookup button

so the unc field gets populated with /media/nss/GW/docs

Linux path is set to /media/nss/GW/docs

the path is /media/nss/GW/docs (the po is /media/nss/GW/gwpo & domain is /media/nss/GW/gwdom)

BUT I can't open and save documents - Excel docs come up Blank!

One problem I had during conversion is

after loading Domain with --show and --home switch - nothing seems updated so after 10 hours I did a RECOVER database (domain & po is 80Gb, library is 6Gb)

I also copied the .DC files and eventually the db upgraded to 12
I had to do the same for the PO too

Once at 12 - I added Webaccess and GWIA - so whole system updated ok


Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong ?

I contacted NTS and told them what I've done & what errors I'm getting
They asked me for some files BUT I won't get any answer till monday....

I'll have a riot on monday if people can't use GW! any help appreciated