Historically we've had major issues with the time it takes for ZAA to properly register and pull down Locations and policies for initial logins after a image deployment. I see in ZCM 11.2.2 there is a "Startup Location" and also a snooze setting for deployment.
I'm trying to setup the Startup location in my system (ZCM11.2.2 on W2K8R2) , but when I click the magnifying glass next to 'Startup Location' in the Configuration/location section, ZCM throws an error at the top of the screen):

Error: Query failed.: com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.exceptions.ObjectNot FoundException: 7b30e40187f79c43847ca95cf8d1d090

Since I can't really fins anything in the docs about this, I'm at a loss. The zcc.log just shows a trace dump.

The ZDC for 11.2.2 shows the database and ZCM Files are all ok.

Any other ideas?