Very odd.... We've got a gw2012 system running on oes11 and oes2sp3. It appears that if the admins go to a user and change / reset their groupwise passwords through the gw client (Tools - Options - etc...). then the new password works for a couple of days and then it seems like the the old password is active again and the new one never happened...?? We are also expierencing something similar with our user signatures. If the user deletes / modifies a signature within their gw client, it only takes a couple of days until the "old" signature is back and the new one is gone....?? This appears to only happen in WindowsXP and not on their Win7 PCs. I personally have not seen this, but several of the admins have confirmed this. Any ideas? At 1st I thought that some sort of scheduled job(s) was (were) responsible, but they only have the standard jobs, which I checked and everything seems fine. eDir sync seems to be working fine..... eDir seems healthy. It appears as though they also regularly "lose" their user file rights to the ARchive? The Archive volume is a local nss volume. I checked to see if there were any cron jobs running that was resetting anything (rights, etc..) nothing.... I also checked to see what they had for passwrod policies and if Identity Mgr or Access Mgr have been installed. Nothing of the sort... Their daily backup also does nothing special.... It sems like their eDir does expierence some sort of time drift (some machines are virutalized), but I've taken the neccessary steps to counter that (seems to work) but it hasn't hepled... SLP seems fine and GW-eDir Sync is setup and a r/w replica is on the gw server.

FYI - their clients are version 12. The agents are all gw12 no sp.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.