GW 2012, on OES2/SLES 10sp3+
LDAP authentication set to two servers:
NetWare 6.5 Sp8 with master of all partitions
OES 2, SLES 10so3+ with read/write of all partitions

User is prompted for password change. Unknown if prompt was from Novell client login, GroupWise win client login, or GroupWise WebAccess login.
User changes password.
At desktop, user opens GroupWise, attempts to login with the new password, fails.
User tries old eDirectory password, and is successful.
Issue occurs after rebooting workstation and logging in successfully to the Novell client with their new password.

I have not found a "cache" setting in relation to the LDAP servers, but it almost seems as if that is what is occurring....ldap server has the old password cached, and is not working with the new password when it is entered.

Any thoughts?


Matt Shuter