Does anyone know what kanaka uses for the initial user authentication when a user first logs into a mac? I assume it must be LDAP because the initial login accepts passwords entered in upper or lower case, though AFP does not.

This causes a problem. If the user logs in for the first time ever but enters their password in the wrong case (caps lock on), an "unknown" error occurs, I assume because the account will not be created without access to the users home directory.

If the user logs in with the proper password, logs out and then logs in again with the password in opposite case (caps lock) it lets them in to the desktop but AFP connections fail and we get question marks on the dock.

We do have two netware servers still running on our network. I know that LDAP on these edir 8.7 servers allows for passwords to be not case sensitive, but our linux servers with edir 8.8 are case sensitive, so how do I tell Kanaka which server to look to for authentication? Or does it not use LDAP at all??

I could find no documentation on this or anything in the config files.... as usual.