Good day,

I'm testing subscriptions for ZCM11.2.2, and I applied the credential values for our mirror. I set the schedule to kick things off at 23:00 last night, and this morning when I came into the office I found in the testing lab that the Bundles for Linux had been created, SLES11-SP2-Updates, SLES10SP4-Pool, along with OES2SP3-Updates, among others. However; what I'm not seeing (which I need to get some confirmation for) is a Pool or Updates for OES11SP1.

In my environment I have an SMT server downloading patches and being available for deploying those patches, but the goal is to use ZCM11.2.x for that purpose. Am I mistaken, or is ZCM11.2.x unable to pull down and deploy patches for OES11SP1?

Thank you, in advance, for any help offered.