In ZCC I have a lot of workstations which are not on the network since weeks (switched off or Laptops offsite)

When I select one of these outdated PCs in ZCC I get a green connection status (The connection request succeeded). But of course Remote Control creates an error and does not allow connection. Also Device Refresh and other tasks fail with "Connectin Failed(Expired)".

I verified DNS and DHCP. Both (DynDNS and DHCP) are fully operational. The IP address assignment of old PCs in DHCP vanish and same IP addresses were given to different PCs. DynDNS is automatically updated accordingly so there are NO entries for outdated PCs in DNS any longer.

So it only seems to be a problem of the "ZENworks Agent Status". Is there a solution for this?

We have 2 ZCM Server 11.2.2 on W2k8 R2 with MS-SQL 2008 (but that problem happened on 10.3.4 as well)
All Clients are Win7 64bit with Agent 10.3.4

Thanks Klaus