I know that GW 2012 SP1 just came out and I'm in preparation for upgrading to it, just doing my internal testing. In working with GWAVA they've told me that there is a known issue between 2012 SP1 and their Retain email archive product that a FTF that they have of SP2 that resolves the issue. What is the expected ETA on GW2012 SP2 or the next major revision that will contain the Retain fix? I'm curious so I can better determine if I should stick it out with SP1 as it is and keep my fingers crossed that we don't have too bad of trouble with Retain, or go to the FTF that they haven't had any reported issues with any customers that they've upgraded it to but there is always that chance since it isn't technically supported code.

I'm trying to weigh these pros and cons since I've forced my staff to use Retain and automatically remove old mail from GroupWise, I can't have that system go bad on them else they lose confidence and demand reverting back, but GW is always rock solid for us and going to test code makes me nervous.

Has anyone out there had do do the similar update, which appears to be gw12.0.2-105119 and is able to report on stability, compatibility, etc? Thanks!