Hi all,
I have a scenario here that I'd like to run by you. We are running ZCM11.2.2 on W2008R2/MSQL2008R2. All clients are Win7SP1Pro_64

We have laptops assigned to each student. The laptops have a custom self recovery partition. The recovery process just restores a sysprepped image, and installs the Novell Client, ZCM Agent, and a few other things on first boot. The laptop has already been booted once at the college, so the device is registered while on campus.
When students go home, and self recover, the ZAA is installed again, technically on a 'new/clean' Windows partition but it can't communicate with the ZCM servers. (Hopefully, the ImageSafeData is already populated with device name and GUID by this time). When they return to college, and boot the device, how does ZAA register, or re-register?

I guess my question is, does the registration happen on first run (after reboot) of the ZAA? If it doesn't successfully happen at this time, is the process attempted again later somehow?

Hope that makes sense?