Hi all,
I have pre-imported a few hundred new devices into ZCM 11.2.2, using the serial number for reconciliation.
The new devices are built from a sysprepped image, named, and then install the ZAA. For most of the devices they see the existing device in ZCM, match the serial, and register using the existing object. For one or two, though, I'm seeing :

"Device name already existed, changed to nb130153-ee1dcb0bcec6c447b08e437143a09c22 while attempting to register host: NB130153"
The serial number in both the pre-imported and the second ZCM devices are identical, so is there any reason why they shouldn't reconcile?

My Configuration\Devices\Registration settings use ${HOSTNAME} for naming, Automatic device renaming, use just the Serial number for reconciliation, and no differentiation.