I have been trying all sorts of scenarios, to get the client to enter an offline location, but success has been a long lost companion...

Has anyone got this scenario to work:
Inside the company, anyone at a given gateway that can see a ZCM server/sat should get a location corresponding to the server/sat.
When not attached one of the above gateway's, they should fall into an "Offline" location, that resides just above the "Unknown" location.

This is primarily set up as to not get the laptop people to wait 10 minutes before logging in at home.
But I can't seem to get the "Offline" location working at all. They still wait 10 minutes when they get home.
It seem to radomly work for some, but I have no idea why.

We are running 11.2.2 and the Offline location is set up without any servers, and without any Default Location Rule.
I have tried different scenarios with the Environment (Gateway <> "IP", IP range <> "IP", etc...), but no success yet.

Has anyone set up a scenario were offline functionality works every time? Without any "startup waiting"?