I try to get the information of the current proxied account which is in use by the GroupWise Client.

For instance I got proxy rights on 2 different mailboxes.
- User1 (me)
- User2 (proxy1)
- User3 (proxy2)

I tried to get the Information from the Object API through ProxyAccounts and receive a AccountsCollection. This collection gets filled, as soon as you are loggin into a proxy account.

But this information is not the information I need. This AccountsCollection can't tell me the currently used proxy account.
Ofcourse this just works fine for ONE proxied mailbox. (When you proxy from User1 to User2, the Collection will be filled with JUST User2.)
But when the User1 now proxies the Mailbox of User3, the AccountsCollection got two entries. How can I determine which of the two proxied Useraccounts is the account currently in use?

So, it's not possible to say, which of the Accounts in the AccountsCollection is the currently proxied user.

In a Forum I read, that this can maybe be solved with the ClientState from the C3PO API.
So, I got my C3PO Object and try to access the ClientState. It should be something like: ClientState.Owner.Email (or something semilar to Email).
But the ClientState Object got no ".Owner"... and later on they wrote in the forum, that I should try it with Token API...

So, I kept on with reading and read about proxy rights and gave TokenAPI a try:
- "EnvUserID()" just returns the "User1"
- "EnvPrefFullName()" returns the full name of User1..

Later on in a different Forum I read, that Token can't solve this, and I should give Object API a try...

Here by question:
What is the working solution to this Problem? Or is GroupWise not able to give these information by API?

Thanks in advance for your Help!