so in the documentation it says the following

5.4 Startup Location

A Startup Location for a managed device can now be defined at the Management Zone, device folder, or device level, and this is used by the ZENworks agent until the actual location for the device can be determined.

When a device boot operation is performed, the network interface takes considerable time to start. This might cause a delay in the user login because of the use of an incorrect location, or because of incorrect or unreachable closest servers. You can use the Startup Location feature to solve this problem, thus enhancing the user login experience.

I attempted the configure the following on a laptop, an offline location that has no servers attached that is used for 4 mins during the startup of the laptop and through the logon. What I was expecting was for the authentication to pass through and be massively quick than what I current have with the unknown location.

It did'nt work for me so I put in a support call with novell support only to find out that this feature was'nt really designed for this. Could I have clarification for this. Cause its the last piece for me stopping this product being all that it can..