We have a problem with workstations loosing connectivity with the Zenworks
server. The agents are running, but ZCC shows them as not connected. On
the affected workstations when I run a "netstat -na" it shows numerous
connections for port 7628 with a status of "CLOSE_WAIT". When in this
state, no deployments or policies are applied. This includes patches and
the DAU. While in this state it is still possible to use remote control,
and the Last Full Refresh and Last Contact times in ZCC continue to be
updated. To get the device communicating again I can either restart the
machine, or stop the Novell Zenworks Agent Service, wait until all the port
7628 "CLOSE_WAIT" connections are cleared, then restart the service. The
connection to ZCC will be maintained for a couple hours, up to a few days.
This is most noticeable on machines that are seldom restarted, but it is
happening on machines that are restarted every night as well. This is
creating havoc with patching and deployments in general. This has been a
problem for version 11.2.1, 11.2.1 mu2, and now 11.2.2. I have had an SR
open on this issue for quite some time with little progress or feedback. I
was told it had been passed to developers, but that was a few weeks ago.
Anyone have an idea on what is causing this? Support asked whether there
are any firewalls active on these machines, but we have the Windows firewall
disabled on all these machines.

Thank you,

Brad Johnson