I know there are many people out there using dbcopy every night to backup their PO databases. Has anyone been able to restore a deleted email from Backup, after the next dbcopy has finished? Let me give you an example:

1. I've deleted the contents of the current restore area
2. I've run dbcopy /source /dest (without any options)
3. I've deleted one of my old emails in the GW client
4. I accessed the Backup from within the GW Client - and my deleted email was there (I could restore it if I wanted)
5. I've run once again dbcopy /source /dest (without any options)
6. Once it finished, I went again in the Backup from within the GW Client - and the mail in point 4 was not there!

So, question - how do I restore my email from point 4?

Or dbcopy simply isn't suitable for this? If so, then what is?