is dbcopy on Linux superfast or does this sould like a problem

dbcopy on Linux OES takes less than 5 mins compared to 2.5hours on Netware

Dbcopy on Netware with 80Gb PO files tool some 2-3 hours
Old server: Netware 6.5, GW7, Dual Xeon 3Ghz, 4Gb Ram, 2 x 300Gb 15K rpm
SCSI disks

New Server OES 11, GW2012, QuadCore Xeon 3.1 (single porocessor), 8Gb RAM, 2
x 600Gb SAS 15K
Takes less than 5 minutes
Now PO / Domain add up to 92Gb

I checked GWbak log file in po folder source and destination folder
Just checking in case something is misconfigured.