Richard Huhman of Lyons USD 405 and I have setup two ZMM servers, one in each of our districts, for managing our mobile devices. However, 1 setup is working perfectly while the other setup is not communicating. Both servers were setup following the exact same process with appropriate IP schemes. The ZMM server is running on 2008 server that is fully patched and ZMM is version 2.5.6. DataSync server is running fully patched with version 1.2.4 Build 966. So, here is the situation I am experiencing.

When I execute the "Test Now" option on the ActiveSync Servers portion of Organization Management, the test fails after I use my own username and pw for authentication. Here is the error message: Performing an OPTIONS command ... Connection failed.
Performing a FolderSync command ... Connection failed. When I am on the Novell Data Synchronizer server it shows the IP address of port 443 SSL is check marked. I did execute the "Test Now" option from the Administrative LDAP Servers and it is successful. Thus, I can view users from our LDAP server via the "Users" option in the dashboard. I also know that mobile devices are having success sending/receiving email from the Novell Data Synchronizer server so it is not an issue with that device.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!