I'm trying to use a Windows 2008 R2 server as a proxy deployment agent. I have assigned a handful of Windows 7 workstations to the proxy to deploy agents. The workstations comply with the agent requirements, i.e. Simple file sharing turned off, Windows file & print sharing turned on, firewall rules to allow access, etc. When the Windows proxy tries to deploy the agents, the deployment tasks fails, and the messages on the proxy are the same for all workstations: (failed) Error: Can't contact target. I can't find any documentation that narrows down the reasoning behind this, and I don't know which log files would provide any further insight. I've reviewed the zmd-messages.log file and found a lot of data there (debug mode turned on), through which I can tell you the following information:

Things I can do:

1. I can access remote Windows 7 machines @ \\<hostname>\admin$ from the Windows proxy.
2. I can see proper resolution of dns names and IP addresses.
3. I can see in the zmd-messages.log file proper connectivity to the zenworks primary server.
4. I can verify that the certificate is identifiable by the WIndows proxy via the zmd-messages.log file.
5. I have verified the credentials being used and have test them via #1.
6. I can confirm successful registration with zenworks primary server.

I'll follow up with more, so this thread doesn't time out.