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Thread: Android Native ActiveSync client bypassing Compliance

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    Android Native ActiveSync client bypassing Compliance

    Hello! I've installed two ZMM servers for a client. This particular client only wanted to affect Android users with ZMM compliance and policies, using it as an ActiveSync proxy for other platforms like iOS. To do that two compliance restrictions were set under the Android OS restrictions: "Restrict if ZENworks app is not enrolled" and "Restrict user ZENworks connections".

    The first one was implemented to enforce the use of the ZMM app. The second one because after the initial enrollment it didn't matter if the mobile device was or wasn't enrolled, as long as it enrolled once the ActiveSync traffic wouldn't be stopped.

    Now, here's where i found the issue. The client was complaining that some devices that had never been enrolled and that were Android devices (Samsung Galaxy S3 devices) were still showing as "Not Restricted" even tho these should be showing as "Restricted". Under the "Platform Device" column of the dashboard the device was showing as "GTI9300" which is the model number for the SGS3. After some testing i found that this was due to the use of Android's native ActiveSync client.

    I wanted to find a work around for this so I tried the "Restrict Touchdown for Android" set to restrict devices if they didn't have any version of Touchdown installed, since the client is using Touchdown as the corporate ActiveSync client (or they should) this wouldn't affect many users. But this failed to restrict the device too.

    So at this point i'm thinking maybe ZMM is not recognizing GTI9300 as an android device and i'm here to ask. Does anyone know if there is a work around for this?

    Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated!
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