I am not sure what is causing the bulk of my clients to break registration where none of the ZENworks objects are communicating with the clients. I can unregister and register them back into the tree and they will stay registered for a week or so then the link is broken and fail. I had issues with the servers cert which I recreated and that seems to be doing ok. I am not sure if this is related or not. The cert was created back in November.

Once the clients (Windows 7 Pro) are registered they work normally and will accept ZPM updates as well as provide bundles like they need to. Once the link is broken the The client will show that it is registered with the server both on the zac zc side as well as the properties of the client yet none of the bundle or policy information flows down. A clearing of cache doesn't resolve anything. It seams that the only way to get the client back into zcm is to register the system again.

ZCM 11.2.1 (SLES11)
Windows 7 Pro
External Sybase DB
1 Primary Server

Thanks for any insight that can be provided.