Hi All,

I am in the early stages of planning our 2012 upgrade and have a
somewhat unusual opportunity to take a slow look at new options. Our GW
system has remained largely unchanged since the GW7 rollout.

We do use the DataSync Mobility pack, BES, and are looking at MDM
solutions for implementation over the summer (not a direct GW impact).

I do realize the new webaccess uses SOAP as well as the afore mentioned
mobile mail connectors.

My question (without doing some packet capture of my own) is what info
is being transmitted in the clear via SOAP that would necessitate using

As a follow up question with regard to SOAP, what can I do from the GW
side to make my system the most available? For instance, with the old
web access, I have internal and external webaccess (GWINTER) agents with
their own domain's. If one is fails, I don't lose all webaccess
everywhere, traffic and dependance on other systems is reduced. With the
new webaccess, there is no GWINTER, no other domain's to maintain, just
whatever quantity of webaccess I want to deploy.

I understand that SOAP requests are sent to a POA and re-directed to the
specific POA holding the requested resource. So unlike the concept of
having extra domain copies, or other dedicated service agents (IMAP,
POP, etc), is it correct there would be no benefit for having a
dedicated POA to be first in line for SOAP request traffic?