I am trying to create a series of scripts for my low level techs using AutoIt. I have a issue where I want to run the ZAC unr -f -u <username> -p <password> inside an AutoIt script but want to minimize the CLI screen that normally shows up. I am having a bit of difficulty with this. Normally I have this running as follows.

$exeLocal1 = "zac unr -f -u <username> -p <password>"
RunAsWait($sUserName, @ComputerName, $sPassword, 0, $exeLocal1)

I have even added the following to see if I can make this work minimized through the start command

$exeLocal1 = "start /min zac unr -f -u <username> -p <password>"

I am not seeing it actually unregister the test client I have when I do this with the start /min. If I leave this out then the command runs correctly as in example 1.

Any AutoIT masters out there that can help me with this line? Is there a way to run a zac command with a minimized CLI other then what I have posted?

Thanks for any help.