Windows 7sp1
ZCM 11.2.1

Icons which are assigned to machine (or user) do nothing when clicked. For instance, i have a simple bundle pointing to iexplore.exe. DLU logs in, desktop loads fine. User clicks icon after seeing NALWIN load and machine does absolutely nothing. Digging through Start Menu and selecting a Windows shortcut (.lnk) will open the app as soon as it's clicked.

Machine is a Lenovo m71 Quad core /4Gigs/7200RPM. That said, I don't believe it's an issue of patience since the Windows shortcut seems to work and the ZCM Icons don't.

A reboot of the machine seems to clear this up, however if someone else logs in without rebooting, it resorts to the above mentioned behavior.

Any insight to this head scratcher would be greatly appreciated!