We are currently running netware 5 in our environment and users are complaining that opening the file store for the first time take about 15-20 seconds. Also, when opening files, they take 15-20 seconds.

Background: We used to have 2 Novell servers, corporate and executive, and we replaced the corporate server with a Windows file share. Users were complaining that accessing the new share would take 30-40 seconds. Since most users didn't need the Novell client anymore (most users don't need access to the executive Novell server), we uninstalled it from their machines. For the users that were still using the Novell client, we changed the provider order so that Microsoft Windows Network provider was above the Novell provider. Now the executive Novell server is slow to respond on any requests.

I understand that changing the provider order would make Novell faster but slow down the Windows file share. Is there a solution that would allow the Novell users faster access without impeeding on the Windows file share access speed?