Greetigs all...

I just completed a server to server migration/upgrade from GW8 (SLES) to GW12SP1 (SLES), and everything with the exeption of WebAccess has gone swimmingly. This one has me stumped as it makes no sense.

In a comparison to working GW12 (non-SP1) installs, everything matches up in terms of configuration, location of files, etc.. but the non-SP1 system has WebAccess working smoothly.

The Symptoms:
Apache serves up the login page - and takes the login information and redirects me to... In IE, it redirects me to a plain page with 2 text fields and a "login" button. In Firefox, it just refreshes and clears the password field. if I give it an incorrect UserName or PW in either browser, it spits it out as being incorrect... this is independent of where I am attempting to log in from - any PC, through the public (Internet) connection or directly to the servers internal (Private) IP address. I never get to the mailbox.

The Clues:
POA Log files show the SOAP connection as "SOAP command:[loginRequest] requested from 192.168.x.x User session(username)" and SOAP Sessions shows as active (User Agent showing as GW WebAccess 12.0.1 9/6/)

Done thus far:
The typical - un-install/reinstall the WebAccess App, re-entered user passwords, matched configuration files to known working systems not on the same network, checked location of all files, verified POA configuration of IP Addresses and ports, deleted the /srv/tomcat6/webapps/gw folder and allowed it to rebuild from the gw.war file and a significant amount of head scratching and muttering WTH under my breath...

This is a fairly vanilla system - small office client - one GW server running the show. It is an identical configuration to those I have used to verify against other than that this is the first SP1 install thus far, the others are scheduled for updates soon. All are running SLES 11.2, iManager 2.7.6 (which adds tomcat 7 and JRE 1.7 to the mix)... the only other exception is that this server was configured to support the KVM virtualization platform, but there are no VM's as of yet. I can's see how that might affect GroupWise, but...

I have poured over Danita's migration/upgrade guides, scoured the web for answers, and just seem to be going in circles on this one. Everything appears to be in place... What am I missing?

Mike Giovaninni