I have a user that has found an oddity that began when we upgraded to GroupWise 2012 SP1 (went from 8.0.2 HP2 to 2012.1). She has a resource that owns a lot of shared folders and needs to use GroupWise WebAccess to access the archived e-mails from these folders (Netmail Archive). Before the upgrade of WebAccess, she was able to login as herself, click Proxy, choose the resource, then click Archive to get into the archive. Now when she clicks Proxy, she clicks the resource, she gets this error:

"Your request could not be processed due to a connection failure with the server. Contact your administrator if the problem persists after re-login."

I granted myself rights to the resource and don't get this error, but WebAccess just sits on the Proxy page and blanks out the main portion of the page with the list of accounts. If I look at the logs for the post office where we all reside (resource included), I see this at the time that I try to proxy:

14:11:28 EDB2 Error: Domain not found [D113] User:CSIS-Resource (CSIS-Resource)

I found TID 7009124 (Support | Error:"D113 Domain not found") but it doesn't match our setup (we are running on OES2 SP3 and the Internet Domains are populated and match just fine).

I am able to proxy without error from the Windows client. I did just discover that this resource is unable to login to GroupWise WebAccess at all. There are no errors on the login screen but it just flashes and returns to the login window again. In the POA logs I see the following:

15:13:05 E6AF SOAP command:[loginRequest] requested from 10.x.x.x User session(csis-resource)
15:13:29 E6AF SOAP Action [getFolderListRequest] error rc=[8911]

I haven't found my WebAccess logs just yet to see if there is more detail in them (consultant put them in a non-standard location and it doesn't seem like they are writing properly). Any ideas why this could be happening? I can login to other resources on that post office through WebAccess without errors.