First off, let me confess that this is near the end for our GW system. The reason for creating GWIAs in this manner is to migrate our users' email to another system via IMAP. We have ~6000 users and > 500GB of messages to move.

With that being said...

I have not been impressed with the GWIA and its ability to handle what is now "routine" message amounts. We were plagued with daily crashes (sometimes hourly) for months until we got a solution to impose the "imapreadlimit" switch in the GWIA configuration file. It has helped, but I doubt that in its current configuration, our current IMAP GWIA is able to cope with increased load. I am planning on building a few more GWIAs such that when it comes time to hit the button on the multiple-batch IMAP moves, we will have a half dozen or so GWIAs to handle the load. I am mostly concerned with the stability of the internet agents themselves, hence the large number of GWIAs. Novell's doc highly recommends to have the GWIA and domain to live on the same box, but it isn't required. I am faced with now creating a half dozen new domains (which also must sync changes between them and our main domain) in order to get more GWIAs. Or is this not really necessary?

With my concerns being primarily the GWIAs' stability, is having multiple domains not as necessary? If having multiple GWIAs on multiple systems, what is the preferred method of linking them to a single domain (shared SMB mounts?), and is this problematic if multiple GWIAs would have that share mounted and could be reading/writing to it simultaneously?