Good afternoon I have seen a number of messages about this issue, and I just wanted to see if I might be missing something in my troubleshooting procedure.

My Primary server is (11.2.2 MU2) I have a network set up with four settings, Gateway, DNS, DHCP, and DNS Suffix. Before I updated the Agents on my workstations (a mixture of SLED, XP, and Windows 7) I was seeing the location information correctly, I currently have updated the Agents to MU2, I have tried to do the following, zac cc followed by zac ref, and though the workstations reports that ZEN policies have been applied, when the system reboots I still see the ~unknown~ location. I have done the same procedure on all of the workstations, and they do report the same thing.

I can try to adjust my network environments (as has been suggested before) but I was just wanting to see if anyone has experienced this issue with 11.2.2 MU2 version of the agent?