Hi All,

I have approx 90 workstations, all Win 7, running ZCM

Now and then a workstation looses its Zone Configuration details, and thus ZCM Agent getting bundles, icons, policies etc. Reinstalling the agent software (uninstall, remove device from zone, remove CASA and PreAgent, reboot, install agent, reboot) usually works.

One Workstation, however, keeps loosing its ZC. GUI interface says its managed, but the zone config details are saying otherwise (unconfigured). ZAC ZC commandline tells the zone details, but no Bundles returned when using ZAC BL

Reinstalling the agent, solves it for a couple of days, then it gets back to the uncontrolled state.

This workstation is not configured diffrently from the 89 other computers.

ZCM EndPoint is licensed in ZCC.

I've coming to the point where I want to reinstall the workstation, but the user got some local data that cannot be moved at current state, so a reinstall isn't really an option, at the moment.

Any clues where to start looking ?

Nothing in windows event viewer stating theres any errors with zcm.

Desktop: Windows 7 64Bit, Danish ed. plenty free space on harddrive.

Server: Windows 2008 R2 64bit. Users are grabbed from ActiveDirectory. Fresh Zone, not upgraded. Bundles was imported from our old 10.x zone.