I tried to install ZCM 11 agent on an OES 11 server, which should take the
imaging role.

Agent installation seemed to be successful:

s1:/inst # ./PreAgentPkg_AgentLinuxComplete.bin

Cmd: '/bin/sh /opt/novell/zenworks/stage/installJava.sh INSTALL_JRE'

Starting the installation...
Checking pre-requisites...
Opening the TCP and UDP port 7628 on the firewall...
Installing the packages...
Adding zone CA certificate to the trust store..
Creating the configuration files...
Cleaning up the installation files...
Starting the agent service /etc/init.d/novell-zenworks-xplatzmd...
The ZENworks Adaptive Agent has been successfully installed.

The agent seems to start but nothing works... for example;

s1:~ # zac
Error processing the ZAC command. null

In /opt/novell/zenworks I see hundreds of files like hs_err_pid9996.log
which say something about a fatal error with the JRE.

/opt/novell/zenworks/bin/novell-zenworks-xplat-uninstall fails with a
message like "unable to obtain registration status". The KB mentions a
cleaning tool, but it seems to be available for windows only.

I suspect that the problem has something to do with ports. But I don't find
exact info in the docu which ports are used by the agent and how to change
them. Maybe the agent tries to use 443 which is used by apache. How can I
change the port for the agent?

Alternatively: How can I get rid of the agent to start over again?