Hi all,
I've got a weird one that has me stumped. We've got a DLU policy that is working well for our teacher accounts. It is set to user user source credentials, is not volatile, and hasn't caused us issues.
We're starting to move over and get new Windows 7 machines on the student workstation side. For our students, attempting to get a volatile DLU user set up, with a cache. In testing on desktop machines, it is failing. I'm working now on testing with a laptop and the weirdest thing keeps happening. The DLU policy applies and logins work great with a test student user - but only when attached to the wireless network. Over the wired interface (with wireless completely off), it will not work. The novell client login works, then the dreaded Zen login box comes up, with the name of the volatile login account (that should be local) in the user box. It will not go forward from that point unless I put in a local user name/password. If I do this, I can login thru the zen icon all day long, over the wired interface. This is very similar to the issues we are having on the student workstation machines, or I would just call it odd and move on.
I've simplified out my network locations to just be one network for now, so that is out as a cause. Completely disabling the wireless adapter, so that it does not show in the zmg-messages log at all did not help either. I can remote control it in that state, and it talks to ZCC.
The servers are 11.2.2 - Vmware Appliances, have not applied the monthly updates but have them in the queue. Agent the same on the workstation. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.