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Thread: Unconventional file rights under %ZENWORKS_HOME%

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    Unconventional file rights under %ZENWORKS_HOME%

    Has everyone ever take a look on the file rights under the %ZENWORKS_HOME% folder?

    I don't think that this confirms to Microsoft rules.

    Some examples:
    - on the cache folder "Everyone" is set with no properties (also not a refuse property). No Microsoft utility is able to set such right.
    - on the cache folder the rights from above are blocked and no right should flow down. But on the cache\zmd folder without an explizit assignment there are permissions. Where do they come from?
    - the same with bin. Flow down is blocked but permissions on the files are set - (flows down from where?).
    And so on...

    But what is our problem?

    We want to speed up our installation process for the workstations and want to deploy Windows 7 with MDT and a WIM-Image.
    This WIM-Image contains all software the Workstation should have installed including the ZCM Agent.

    In the process when deploying the WIM-Image the "unconvential" file rights on the ZCM folders are lost and with Microsoft utiltities or commands we are not able to restore the rights to the original ZCM rights.

    I can not believe that Novell has it intends to put the rights in this way. Maybe there is something wrong?

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